New Trends for Break Rooms in 2020

New Trends for Break Rooms in 2020

Your employee break room might deserve a makeover in order to actually serve its purpose. Employees need a place to go on their down time. The break room should be a fun, friendly place to spend time away from being behind a computer. If you want a way to improve the productivity of your workplace, take a look at what other professionals are saying about what has worked for their employee break rooms.

We’ve put together this list where you will find new ideas to inspire you to upgrade your employee break room. Before you purchase new office furniture, take a look at these tips.

Tip 1: Think About Food and Beverages

Many companies have vending machines in their break rooms, but this approach usually tempts employees to spend their own money on junk food. Instead, you should offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks to your employees. In addition to having snacks in the break room, you should consider supplying coffee and tea.

Tip 2: Make the Break Room a Fun Place to Be

In addition to upgrading the break room furniture, you should consider adding some fun games and activities. Some of your employees might enjoy playing board games during their lunch breaks. Other employees might actually enjoy putting together a puzzle. You could even invest a little more money in the break room by purchasing a tabletop game, such as a ping-pong table.

Tip 3: Make the Break Room a Place to Gather

The best way to make your break room a place that people will want to visit is by adding outlets that are conveniently located along the walls. People will stop in the break room to charge their phones and tablets.

You should try adding a bulletin board or whiteboard to the break room in order to foster creativity. This will help your employees feel comfortable to share their ideas with each other, improving morale in the process. The best part is that you will find all these items wherever used office furniture is sold.

Tip 4: Consider the Color of Your Break Room

When you are upgrading your break room furniture, it’s important to take color into consideration. You could try to brighten up the space by purchasing a brightly colored couch, or you could make the room feel like a friendlier space to be by adding a fresh coat of paint.

Tip 5: Make the Break Room a Relaxing Place to Visit

Make sure to find office furniture that will inspire calmness in your employees. For instance, coffee tables offer a place for employees to sit and read a newspaper. In order to find the perfect piece of furniture that inspires your employees to relax on their breaks, you could consider purchasing used office furniture in Salt Lake City. When you search for used furniture, you will end up finding rare, exquisite pieces, and you’ll spend less money on the purchase.

A Guide to Buying a Good Conference Table

A Guide to Buying a Good Conference Table

A conference table is the main focus of the room where you negotiate with business partners and clients. It is the central most prominent piece of furniture in an executive’s office. Conference room furniture provide the space for meetings, company luncheons, and where strategies for business growth are planned.

Managers and executives spend quite a bit of time in conference rooms doing business and attending meetings. It’s the perfect place in an office to come up with ideas and create strategies to grow the business. Good conference room furniture can help employees collaborate more in meetings, and they provide a professional environment for negotiations with partners, clients, and customers.

The used office furniture market today features a massive selection of office furniture. The question is, how can you find the best conference table for your office space?

Size of the Conference Table

The actual size of the conference table you want to buy is an essential detail to consider. The table should fit comfortably in the room, allowing all participants to move freely.

Some of the basic requirements for selecting the right conference table in Utah include measuring the space in your office and determining how many people will be seated for meetings and business. You will also want to take into account other pieces of office furniture when estimating the size of the conference table.

Conference Table Shapes

Conference tables come in quite a few different shapes and sizes. They can be round, square, rectangular, oval, and modular or adjustable. The shape of the table must correspond to the room’s configuration. Psychologists note that these small details matter to create a positive atmosphere for negotiations. Select an oval or rectangular shaped table when the room is elongated.

Round or square shaped conference tables work for square rooms. For organizational meetings, choose a rectangular-shaped table to emphasize the lead executive’s positive in the company. Oval-shaped conference tables are excellent for ergonomics. The absence of corners creates a comfortable, calm atmosphere in the office.

Conference Table Materials

  • A wood conference table gives the impression of reliability.
  • Marble topped tables give the office a touch of luxury, making the company appear established.
  • Glass conference tables give the illusion of a lighter atmosphere. Seating is another vital aspect to consider when buying a conference table.

Determine the size and capacity of the office space and how many chairs will fit comfortably in the room. Employees will want to have personal space when seated at the table. Another consideration for conference tables is cost. Look for tables that fit within your company budget.

Many stores online allow you to search by price, and some offer free shipping for a bonus. You may even find your perfect table at a used office furniture store. Pricing can also vary with the size of the conference table, the materials used, and the popularity and age of the collection.

A conference table from an older collection at a furniture store might be on sale, while a newer model might come with a higher price tag. When buying a conference table for your office space, be open to new ideas, and consider your goals for your meeting space.

Why It’s Important To Have An Organized Workspace

Why It’s Important To Have An Organized Workspace

Organization is a concept that typically transfers from the home environment to the work environment. People that have organized work spaces at their jobs are typically going to have organized office desks in Salt Lake City. The opposite of this is also true. It is hard to carry this type of organization into the work environment if this is not something that is visible inside of the home. In most situations the person that has stellar organization skills will maintain this habit everywhere. It is important to have quality office furniture that can accommodate organization.

Less Stress In The Workplace

What a large number of people find is that the work environment is less stressful when it is organized. People inside of the workplace acquire office furniture that can be utilized to make their work space cleaner. When meetings are held workers need to be able to access those physical files that they need right away. When there are documents that need to updated the workers need to have access to this information quickly as well.

There can be a huge panic that comes over someone that is responsible for a document that they cannot find. It is better to have the work space organized because it helps workers stay on top of all that they are working on. They don’t have to worry about getting behind in their world just because they are looking for files.

More Productive Environment

It should be obvious, but people that have office desks that allow them to store items in an organized manner are going to be more productive. The person that is trying to find things quickly has a chance to get more done during the course of the day. They can find items quicker with used office desks that provide adequate storage. People that are using desks that have multiple compartments can organize a number of different files.

Greater Security for Files

Workers that have the proper office desks in Salt Lake City with keys can lock secure files. It is important to organize secure data. When it is not organized it becomes easier for the data to be compromised. Businesses cannot afford to have customer data compromised, but it becomes harder to secure it when the desk in the office is disheveled.

Secured files are a sign of professionalism inside of an organization. Data that is just out for all to see is not the way that professionals collect and store data. Companies are entrusted with certain types of data. This means that workers need to have the proper office furniture in Utah to make sure that they are storing files that customers have entrusted them with.

Working With A Team

There are some people that are working with a team. Sometimes people are sharing files. One person may be able to navigate their way through a junkie desk, but the rest of the team may not. Unorganized used office desks do not help any of the other team members that are also in needs of these files.

How To Find The Best Executive Office Chair In Utah

How To Find The Best Executive Office Chair In Utah

You can spend most of your day in that chair behind your desk, so it’s important for your overall health to get a good one. An executive office chair should give the right amount of support to prevent health problems, keeping you alert and focused during the day. It should also be comfortable. And it should look good.

When you shop for an executive office chair, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is important to prevent strain on your lower back. The lumbar support should look like the natural curve of your spine. You’ll have to sit in the chair to find a good fit.

Correct Seat Size

The seat should have sufficient width and depth to accommodate your body. If the seat is too short and you are tall, the edge of the seat will hit your legs at the wrong place and that could cause pain. There should be 2″-4″ between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. The seat should be wide enough to be comfortable.


Armrests can take the strain off your neck and shoulders. Ideally, the height of the armrests should be equal to your desk so your arms can be relaxed as you work.

Adjustable Height

Sitting in the chair, you should be able to have your feet flat on the ground, knees bent and thighs parallel to the floor. Adjust the height of the chair until that happens for optimum comfort and performance.


Every part of the chair should be adjustable. Become familiar with the levers and controls to quickly adjust the seat, especially if other people share your chair.

Chair Mobility

The chair should have a good wheelbase that allows you to easily move from one part of your desk to the other. There are floor mats available for every kind of flooring that not only protect the floor from the wheels but make it easier for you to move around. The chair should also swivel on the wheelbase giving you easy access to every part of your desk.

Shopping for office furniture can take some time, especially for a chair that needs to fit your body. It’s a lot of chairs to sit in, and you must sit in every single chair before making a buying decision. It’s the only way to know if the chair fits you.

Executive office chairs can be costly, especially for a good one. Check out used office furniture stores to snag a bargain. Most used furniture stores have a section with office furniture. If you’re limited on time, call around before heading out, but for maximum buying power try to find a used office furniture store. The right chair can make all the difference in productivity.

Office Furniture Trends In Salt Lake City From This Last Year

Office Furniture Trends In Salt Lake City From This Last Year

Office furniture in Salt Lake City is a growing industry simply because of how many businesses we have here that need to take care of their work spaces. Whether it is used break room furniture, conference room furniture, or simply a new round of office chairs, we have picked up on some of the trends from 2019.

Contemporary Office Furniture Enhance Operations

There are many different ways to decorate your workplace to enhance the operations that are done there. It is important to find office furniture that is visually appealing, as well as, comfortable to use. Business owners must remember that these furnishings are not only for daily work activities. Guests and clients will also see and use seats, desks, and other pieces, which is why trendy looks matter.

Along with creating a contemporary space, you will definitely want to keep your budget in mind. Fortunately for those with this goal, they have access to used office furniture suppliers. According to Thrive Global, the average office worker spends 5+ hours per day at their desks. The furniture in offices should be ergonomically made and provide thorough comfort, which affects productivity.

Making a Good Impression

Companies often have meeting space to entertain clients and guests. These are the rooms where modern conference room furniture is needed. Aside from having an adequate table or desk space, you should also consider seating options. The areas throughout the office needed to be designed with the concern of making a good impression.

Improving Overall Efficiency

Studies have been conducted to look at the connection between office furniture in Utah and staff efficiency. Business owners can find well-made and beautiful used office furniture for their office space. This may mean shopping based upon departmental activities or the functionality of offices. It is possible to purchase furniture that harmonizes with color schemes, décor types and to improve efficiency.

Promoting Shared Spaces

Salt Lake City stores that specialize in providing customers with appealing conference room furniture and other selections are important. If you are looking for pieces that promote shared workspaces, this furniture can be helpful. Many workplaces these days have numerous departments and a limited amount of space. Large desks and conference room tables can be shared to accommodate office space.

Responding to Office Furniture Trends

Responding to trends related to furniture for offices is not simply about the appearance of sofas, cabinets, bookshelves, and tables. Many trendy designs take the need for technology into consideration. This includes desk and tables with outlets and USB ports made into the piece. The advanced and contemporary designs of these furnishings allow for more diverse usage daily. We see more and more of this style with business in Salt Lake City as time goes on.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an office in a stand-alone building or in a high rise. The goal of this space is to enhance your operations while making a good impression. Office furnishings work to reinforce the company or business brand by its look and functionality. Considering the pieces that you want in this space is important especially when trying to create contemporary décor designs.