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Draper Office Cubicles

Pros and Cons of Office Cubicles

Before the introduction of the Action Office I in 1964 by the Herman Miller furniture company based in Zeeland, Michigan, companies often had employees lined up at individual desks in a large, open space without affording them with the privacy they needed to shut out the distractions around them in order to perform their job duties efficiently.

Economical and Efficient

Companies quickly discovered that the cubicle was the most economical and efficient solution to providing their employees with the privacy and comfort they need to be able to work efficiently without the cost of building permanent private offices for each employee.

Personal Employee Space

Aside from the privacy and noise reduction that cubicles provide, they also allow the employee to personalize their workspace, making it theirs. With ergonomic office furniture and privacy walls, the employee can be free to work with fewer distractions, and still have the ability to communicate with coworkers. Office desks and work areas are separated by dividers, and the employees’ “office” space can be personalized with their individual belongings.

Cons To Office Cubicles

Because the cubicle is typically a smaller workspace, mainly large enough to accommodate office furniture and the employee, workers may feel cramped and isolated. The same walls that were meant to provide privacy can also add to the feelings of isolation. However, there is a wide variety of cubicles available on the market today, giving employers several options for cubicle layouts and sizes.

Cubicle Comfort

Used office furniture, such as office desks and chairs, should be replaced if it is not a comfortable situation for the employee, or if they are so large that they make the cubicle all the more confining. In place of the used office furniture in Draper you’ve had for so long, consider buying office furniture that is properly designed for employee comfort, and also will be a good fit for the cubicles that your office will be utilizing.

Color is another factor that improves comfort by improving the mood of the employee. A drab setup can make the workday drag on. Adding color to the cubicles in your office setting could make all the difference to your employees’ productivity and happiness in the workplace.

When considering your office setup, you must ask yourself a few questions. How much office space is available, how many employees will need a workspace in the office, and what type of setup do you prefer? Open or compartmentalized? What would create the best atmosphere to increase productivity among employees?

Obviously these questions will be answered quite differently from one office to another, so careful planning according to your office space and your workforce needs is crucial. Thankfully, the cubicle options available today are seemingly endless, as are quality office furniture in Draper made for use in the cubicle. Different colors, styles, and sizes to choose from will make your workforce buzz!