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Salt Lake City Break Room Trends

New Trends for Break Rooms in 2020

Your employee break room might deserve a makeover in order to actually serve its purpose. Employees need a place to go on their down time. The break room should be a fun, friendly place to spend time away from being behind a computer. If you want a way to improve the productivity of your workplace, take a look at what other professionals are saying about what has worked for their employee break rooms.

We’ve put together this list where you will find new ideas to inspire you to upgrade your employee break room. Before you purchase new office furniture, take a look at these tips.

Tip 1: Think About Food and Beverages

Many companies have vending machines in their break rooms, but this approach usually tempts employees to spend their own money on junk food. Instead, you should offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks to your employees. In addition to having snacks in the break room, you should consider supplying coffee and tea.

Tip 2: Make the Break Room a Fun Place to Be

In addition to upgrading the break room furniture, you should consider adding some fun games and activities. Some of your employees might enjoy playing board games during their lunch breaks. Other employees might actually enjoy putting together a puzzle. You could even invest a little more money in the break room by purchasing a tabletop game, such as a ping-pong table.

Tip 3: Make the Break Room a Place to Gather

The best way to make your break room a place that people will want to visit is by adding outlets that are conveniently located along the walls. People will stop in the break room to charge their phones and tablets.

You should try adding a bulletin board or whiteboard to the break room in order to foster creativity. This will help your employees feel comfortable to share their ideas with each other, improving morale in the process. The best part is that you will find all these items wherever used office furniture is sold.

Tip 4: Consider the Color of Your Break Room

When you are upgrading your break room furniture, it’s important to take color into consideration. You could try to brighten up the space by purchasing a brightly colored couch, or you could make the room feel like a friendlier space to be by adding a fresh coat of paint.

Tip 5: Make the Break Room a Relaxing Place to Visit

Make sure to find office furniture that will inspire calmness in your employees. For instance, coffee tables offer a place for employees to sit and read a newspaper. In order to find the perfect piece of furniture that inspires your employees to relax on their breaks, you could consider purchasing used office furniture in Salt Lake City. When you search for used furniture, you will end up finding rare, exquisite pieces, and you’ll spend less money on the purchase.