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How To Pick The Right Office Chair


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How To Pick The Right Office Chair

Have you ever really considered how much time you spend in your office chair? If you work an 8 hour day or more, you will be in and out of your office furniture nearly 2000 hours in just one year of work. This amount of time makes it especially important that when you are looking for used office chairs in Utah, you find a chair that will work for you when the hours are long.

When we think about the office furniture we want the most, it often has a certain visual appeal. However, we want you to put thought into your next purchase, to ensure that you end up with a comfortable office chair. Choosing based on appearance, or settling for the first you find in your price range can result in many unintended consequences, including general discomfort, back pain, and even contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

So what kinds of questions should you be asking when searching for the best used office chairs in Utah? Read on to find out!

Does your office chair offer back support?

Sitting for extended periods requires back support. Look for a chair that offers support to your lower back, so that you do not develop problems from improper posture. If possible, search for a chair that has adjustable back support.

Do the arms adjust?

You may not think of this initially, but a chair that is not adjusted to a proper arm rest height can lead to pain in your wrists, as they either have to adjust up to reach your keyboard or down with too much pressure. When your wrists are continuously at angles that are not natural, you increase your risk for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. White collar workers all over Salt Lake City are starting to catch onto this trend of wanting adjustable arms in your office chair.

Does the height adjust?

Be sure that you can adjust the chair to your height, tall or short. A comfortable office chair height is one in which your neck does not have to strain to look at your computer. Especially if you have a standing desk or a height adjustable office desk you might want a chair you can pull up and still be in your high position.

Is the back of the seat tall enough?

Sometimes the backs of office chairs are not very tall, which can result in your upper back not being adequately supported. Best case scenario, search for a chair with an adjustable back. If this cannot be found, at least look for a chair with sufficient back height for you.

Does the chair have a wheel base?

Wheeled chairs make it immensely more manageable for you to move around your office, even if just to get up and down. When your chair has a working wheel base, you will not have to pick up and move your chair to get in and out, which can be cumbersome and cause back strain.

Does the base swivel?

While it may seem like enough that your chair has a wheel base, consider how much more important it is that your office chair swivels. Instead of having to reach and over extend your arms, look for a chair that will easily allow you to reach various parts of your desk.

Is the fabric comfortable?

You are again, going to be spending significant quantities of time in your office chair, so make sure it is breathable and comfortable. The padding should be comfortable, and the material easily cleanable.