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Salt Lake City Standing Office Desks

5 Benefits of a Standing Desk In Utah

Could the chair that you work from every day actually be killing you? New research suggests that the answer is “potentially.” Sitting for hours on end through the workday, and while relaxing at home, has been associated with an increased risk for developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and even early death.

The fact is that sitting all day will result in much fewer calories burned. Sitting too much, whether at home or at the office, has predictably been associated with weight gain and obesity. With about 160 million Americans either overweight or obese, anything you can do to spend more time in your day standing is undoubtedly to the good.

Why Use Standing Desk In Salt Lake City

A standing desk is perfectly situated – pardon the pun – to address all of the issues discussed above. A standing desk gets its name from the fact that these sleek pieces of furniture are meant to be used when someone is standing upright. A standing desk doesn’t look all that different from a regular desk. The benefits over regular desks in terms of office design are numerous, however.

1. Controls Post-meal Blood Sugar Levels

There’s a high level of comorbidity between diabetes, obesity, and premature death. As scary as that sounds, there’s a lot that’s in your control in terms of lowering your risk for developing diabetes and controlling your blood sugar levels throughout the day. In clinical studies, standing desks actually reduced blood sugar spikes after meals by about half. Perhaps the standing desk should be a fixture of modern-day office design?

2. Lowers Your Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease and cancer are still basically tied as the number one cause of death in the United States. It has been that way for a long time. Only recently have the benefits of standing been fully appreciated. Standing for longer periods throughout the day has been associated with a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, and premature death.

3. Helps to Burn More Calories

Using a standing desk has been shown to help office workers burn significantly more calories throughout their shifts. Studies have looked at workers who spent their afternoon shifts seated versus workers who spent their days using standing desks. The results? Workers who stood during work burned nearly 200 calories more throughout the workday! At nearly 1,000 more calories burned per week, you might want to bulk order an entire platoon of standing desks from your office furniture supplier, or used office furniture provider.

4. Standing Desks Reduce Back Pain

Bipedal humans are designed to spend a lot of their day standing, and that’s why standing desks have proved so helpful to so many people. In particular, those with long-term histories of lower back pain reported feeling one-third less lower back pain once they spent a few weeks using a standing desk. The Centers for Disease Control, furthermore, found over a one-half reduction in neck pain and upper-back pain among volunteers who used a standing desk for at least four weeks.

5. Higher Energy Throughout Day

There’s mounting evidence that standing desks have a positive impact on both mood and energy levels throughout the day. In one study, volunteers who used standing desks for seven weeks also reported less fatigue and less stress. Contact an office furniture supplier in Salt Lake City today for used office furniture.