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Tips For Setting Up An Open Concept Office Space

When an office space reflects a company’s mission and values, it increases employee engagement. Open concepts, for example, create an atmosphere of teamwork and a shared camaraderie that resonates “We’re all in this together.” But there’s more to it. Selecting appropriate office furniture plays a large part in encouraging a cooperative feeling among coworkers. Matter of fact, the most successful open concept work environments have furniture that helps strengthen the bond of in-house business communication. You can do it as well. Review some tips on how to set up an open concept office space that is as unique as your company’s culture.

Create an Open Concept Workspace

It’s a good idea to take down dividers for rooms and like walls for office cubicles. Make small and large group sections where people can sit side-by-side and across from one another. Not having tall walls that separate each person has its own pros and cons but if your goal is an open concept, then take them out of there.

Start With An Open Concept

Businesses that are just getting started can greatly benefit from an open concept office space. New entrepreneurs and their teams are better able to bounce off ideas freely. In this type of office space, it’s common to have furniture that allows employees to move around at any given second. They appreciate the ability to take their laptop and sit where they please when an idea strikes them.

Look for easy-to-move sofas and benches that can be placed against the wall or perimeter of an open concept space. Select inexpensive standing cafe tables and portable standing laptop tables all around the office environment.

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What’s more, you can buy or rearrange used office furniture and hire an office space designer to assist. There are no limitations to your imagination. Put sofas in the main working areas to encourage free thoughts while working. Allow employees to stretch out on a sofa or bench with their laptop on their lap while they work in comfort thinking up sound business ideas. Varied working styles should be encouraged for startup open concept areas.

Design an Innovation Open Concept Area

Two employees can bring their laptops and go over ideas for a project in one of the innovation cube stations or private brainstorming booths. Here’s how it’s done. Place two modular sofas in front of each other and add a small stand up a table in the middle to separate them. Next, use privacy screens to create a half-open, half-closed area somewhat like a booth space. The privacy screens indicate to other employees that there’s a private discussion going on and they’ll respect that. Repeat the furniture set up in several areas on the perimeters of the room.

If you already have an existing open concept office space, consider hiring an office space designer or purchasing used office furniture to improve the area’s function. Creating collaborate working areas can be less overwhelming with the right mindset and tools. No worries. Use several of the suggestions mentioned in this article and you’ll soon hear the beautiful hum of ideas turned into fruitful concepts for the good of the company and its employees.