Things to Consider When Buying Reception Area Furniture

Things to Consider When Buying Reception Area Furniture

The reception area of your office is a more important place than you might think. Not only does it act as a hub between you and your clients, but it’s the first impression your clients and customers have of your business, and it’s the main workplace of your receptionist. Creating a comfortable, inviting and professional atmosphere in your reception area requires careful selection of office furniture. While you’re out buying reception area furniture, keep these important factors in mind.

Reception Area Layout

Buying furniture in Salt Lake City for any space requires proper planning, but keeping layout and space in mind is especially important for a reception area. You’ll need plenty of room for a reception desk, chairs and a table. If you have extra room available, you can allot space for plants and end tables. The reception desk should be close to the door to the main area of business, and the waiting area should be kept a reasonable distance away from the desk.

Furniture Style

The specific style of the furniture depends on the type of business you’re running. However, you should keep the overall aesthetic clean, bright and modern. Bright, crisp colors and modern designs give off a professional vibe and make a great first impression to new clients.

Consider Used Office Furniture

You’d be amazed at the great deals you can get on office furniture when you buy it used. Buying used office furniture doesn’t appeal to many people because they believe it will be dirty or broken, but you can find many chairs, desks and tables in almost new condition at very reasonable prices. Not only does buying used allow you to save a lot of money, but it’s also environmentally friendly. You’re reusing materials and keeping perfectly good furniture out of landfills.

Reception Desks

A good reception desk is large enough to accommodate all of the paperwork and various devices that might need to reside on it such as a computer and a printer. Ideally, any office desk should have two tiers to allow the receptionist to work on one tier while guests can sign papers, pay for services and more on the top tier. It should also have several drawers and shelves of various sizes to help keep everything organized.

Waiting Room Chairs and Couches

Comfort is key when it comes to any chairs and couches you place within the reception area. Clients could be waiting for extended periods of time. You don’t want them to become restless and irritated due to uncomfortable seats. It’s also important that the fabric for the cushioning not be a material that makes a lot of noise since that can quickly become irritating to guests. Finally, all chairs and couches should be durable and easy to clean.

Reception Area Tables

Tables aren’t the most necessary pieces of reception area furniture, but they are handy to have around for holding food or drinks and storing reading material for clients. The height of the tables should be low for easy access from chairs and couches. Avoid glass tabletops since they can break and create a safety hazard to children.

Finding The Right Lobby Furniture

Finding The Right Lobby Furniture

Interior design can reveal more about your business than you think, believe it or not. That’s the reason that the most successful businesses put a lot of time into setting up interior design schemes that are cohesive and that make full sense. Note, too, that initial opinions matter a great deal. What do customers see before your lobby or reception area? Nothing at all. That’s precisely why you need to make balanced and smart lobby and reception area furniture choices. If you want your business to thrive, then you need to think seriously about your office furniture selection strategies.

Buying Lobby Furniture and What Considerations

If you invest in furniture pieces that are shabby and deteriorating, then that may indicate that your business in general epitomizes those words. You should never let your customers come in contact with upholstery that’s deteriorating. You should never let your customers see a couch that’s brimming with stains and discoloration. That doesn’t mean that you have to steer clear of used office furniture, however. You do not. That’s because there are plenty of preowned options that feel and appear amazing and sturdy. The point is to select used items that have been maintained wonderfully throughout the years.

Businesses these days naturally want to come across as being contemporary and relevant. You don’t want your business to appear outdated and clueless. That’s another reason that you should zero in cautiously on your office furniture choices. If you have a coffee table that looks like it came straight out of the seventies or so, then that’s definitely not a positive thing. It’s essential to prioritize furniture items that look like they were purchased in recent times.

Organizing Your Office Furniture

Take the image of your business into consideration. Ask yourself who the people in your target audience are. If you run a medical practice or anything else along those lines, then it may help you to invest in lobby furniture pieces that are rather subtle and basic in appearance. Overly loud patterns and designs don’t always mesh well in the medical field. It may be optimal to keep things simple and straightforward. Doing so can contribute to a clean and fresh ambiance that’s conducive to health and wellness overall.

There are all sorts of top-notch used office furniture pieces available these days. You should be on the lookout for pieces that are in line with your specific industry. Try to come up with a color scheme that’s harmonious as well. It may be wise to look for seats that match the color of your carpeting or your curtains or blinds. You don’t want to set up a lobby that has a chaotic or unpredictable feel to it. Remember, lobbies are supposed to make people feel at ease. People lounge around in lobbies. You don’t want to create an environment that will make anyone feel uneasy or unsettled. It can often help greatly to seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals who work in the vast interior design sector.

Waiting Room Trends of 2019

Waiting Room Trends of 2019

No one likes to wait, but the fact of the matter is, we’ve all been in a waiting room. They’re everywhere: hospitals, dentist offices, etc. Wherever the location may be, they generally tend to be quite uncomfortable environments due to the types of office furniture being used. The chairs are rigid, and the tables are too tiny. Meanwhile, they don’t provide any privacy. However, that’s all beginning to change, and if you can stay ahead of the game, your customers/patients will be glad that you did.

Today’s Waiting Room Trends

Today’s most popular office furniture implements chargers so that mobile devices can be used without worry of them dying by the people in the waiting room. Alongside this, waiting room furniture in Salt Lake City that provides the proper support for each individual is important. A mixture of comfortable chairs, couches, and tables are nice because they allow for more control. Say goodbye to those unbearable plastic chairs!

On average, people in a room prefer having a cushioned chair with arm rests that lift up so that they are able to interact with their loved ones. For example, wooden arm rests that aren’t able to be lifted up make it difficult for couples or family members to hold hands. If you really want to be trendy, providing ample space for those who would like some more privacy would be a great feature as well. This makes it easier for people to place phone calls or have important conversations. The waiting room furniture could include either an indoor privacy screen or desktop partitions in order to achieve this.

Used Office Furniture Solutions

For those choosing waiting room furniture that want something more budget friendly, used office furniture is a great way to go. Not only are you saving a pretty penny, but you’ll also be doing good for the environment by reusing something that still has a purpose. On top of this, most used furniture will also take less time to receive which means that you can get to designing your space the way it should be right away!

Additional Office Design Help

Even with these trends, it can still be difficult picking out the right office furniture for the given space. If you need help designing your waiting room, you can always contact an office space planner that will be able to provide assistance. They can help decide what is best accommodating to the space that you have available.

If you can make your waiting room more comfortable and accommodating, then you will be doing everyone a great service by helping reduce any stress or anxieties that come from the typical waiting room. With both new and used furniture options, there are plenty of ways to make your waiting room the greatest.

Tips For Setting Up A Good Reception Area in Utah

Tips For Setting Up A Good Reception Area in Utah

Office layouts are critical for all sorts of reasons. A strong office layout can be highly motivating to team members. It can often even be enticing to customers and to clients. If you want to establish a reception area that has the ability to make all people feel 100 percent at ease, then there are all sorts of options that can come in handy for you. You should never ever approach reception design matters in a thoughtless or slapdash manner.

Secure Cozy Office Furniture Pieces

It’s critical to make informed reception area furniture choices. It doesn’t matter if you opt for used office furniture items, brand new ones or anything else. You need to prioritize office furniture that’s cozy yet professional in appearance. You should get your hands on a sofa that’s bright and pristine. You should get your hands on easy chairs that are just as superb in caliber. Reception area furniture that’s soft and contemporary can make people feel at home. If you get used office furniture, make sure it’s in tiptop condition. Make sure that it has a fresh and sanitary appearance to it, too.

Concentrate on Pure Functionality

Functionality can go a long way for people who are looking to put together reception areas that make total sense. Reception spaces are often bustling hotspots. They’re frequently chock-full of action. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see reception areas that appear somewhat chaotic. If you want to steer clear of this typical pitfall, then you need to make functionality one of your biggest design priorities. The assistance of classic runner rugs can be optimal. If you put a runner right right by the entry point, you may safeguard guests from falls and significant injuries. These rugs can be particularly effective in times of inclement weather.

Take Color Choices Into Consideration

You should never neglect the value of color selection for your reception space. If you want the people who come to your office to feel tranquil and at ease, you should prioritize colors that are on the subtle and muted side. Beige, white, light gray, baby blue and pale brown can all work like a charm. You should stay away from any colors that seem overly “loud” in any way. Neon tones and strong reception spaces in most cases do not go hand in hand. Even talking to an office space planner could be helpful just so that you can set up a reception area with the right mood, colors, and layout.

Invest in a Coat Rack

It can be a thoughtful gesture to present any and all individuals who visit your office with the convenience of a coat rack. It can be a hassle for people who visit to have to lug their heavy coats and jackets around for hours and hours on end. The cooperation of a simple coat rack can be invaluable

At the end of the day, you do not need to go and blow tons of money on new office reception area furniture. You can, and it will look great, but following these simple tips will work wonders. If you are ready to talk to some professionals on how you can take your reception area to the next level, give us a call.